Grilling and BBQ Basics

Cooking Temperatures

The first thing you need to understand is cooking temperatures. There are three basic cooking temperatures when BBQing.

Tips For Cooking Meats And Seafood

Here we will review some tips when BBQing burgers, steaks, chicken and seafood. First, we will start with some general BBQ grilling tips.

Tips for BBQing Burgers

Tips for BBQing Steaks

Tips For BBQing Chicken

Tips For BBQing Seafood

These tips should help make your first, or next, BBQ a big success. Bare in mind there are a few exceptions to these guidelines and not every "expert" sees eye-to-eye on some techniques. However, keeping these things in mind will greatly increase your chances of a having a wonderful BBQ or picnic.

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A Quick BBQ Fact:

Did you know there are six different ways to spell barbecue in the english language? BBQ, Bar-BQ, Bar-B-Cue, Bar-B-Que, Barbeque and Barbecue. That's a lot of BBQs!